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Established in 1952.

100’s of Satisfied Customers.

1000’s of Projects Completed.

Over 1M Pipeline Miles Serviced.

Need a pipeline contractor? Need trenching services?


Equix is a trusted pipeline

and trenching contractor.

Over 100,000 miles of pipe handled, we help customers get it Dun safely across the Nation.

Dun Transportation


Handling Pipe Logistics, Stringing, Offloading, Hauling, Stockpiling, Repairs, Whitewashing, Rail & Yard selection, Pipe Yard Construction and more.

Your first and last call. No matter the scope of the project. Troy Construction.

Troy Construction

Troy Construction has been serving the energy industry for over 70 years specializing in Integrity, Facility & Pipeline Construction. No matter the scope or size of the project we have the expertise and knowledge to get the job done, safely and efficiently.

“Partnering with pipeline contractors since 1980”


“What makes SEMI unique is the wealth of knowledge that comes from being in the field. Their team is made up of people, who themselves, have worked on pipelines spanning many generations.”

Get to know us. We offer high quality, reliable products that meet the challenging demands of pipeline construction.

Darby Equipment Company

Maintaining high standards for engineering, manufacturing and service since 1982.
Pipe Bending Machines • Bending Mandrels • Line-Up Clams • Roller Cradles • Field Joint
Coating • Pipe Facing Machines • PipeVac Machines • Pipeline Supplies